Combo Tree Protectors

Installation Instructions for Combo Tree Protectors

  1. Lay the wool mat flat on the ground with one of the slots against the stem of the plant.
  2. Slide the mat so that the stem of the plant is in the slot.
  3. Fold the mat over in half so that the other slot fits around the plant stem.
  4. The mat is now double thickness and the holes in the corners line up.
  5. Insert a bamboo cane through each hole and push in (up to 150mm) on a 15-20 degree angle out from the plant. This is to keep the sleeves under tension to prevent them from being blown off.
  6. With your hands close up the top of the bamboo canes sufficient to put the spray guard over the top. It may be easier to have your arm through the spray guard leaving both hands free to close the bamboo canes. Pull the sleeve down so that the top edge is at the top of the bamboo. This prevents the net sleeve from catching on the bamboo.
  7. Open up the net sleeve and pull over the spray guard.
  8. Pull the spray guard down to the ground.
  9. Pull the net sleeve up to cover between the top of the spray guard and the top of the bamboo. The tension will hold the sleeves on in the wind.

"Using Combo Tree Protectors is a small cost in relation to the benefits - increased survival rates, better establishment and growth over the first two years, ease of finding trees and ease of spraying trees.  Do it once, do it right" - George Scott, Pukerau sheep and deer farmer

Instructional Video: How to install a Combo Tree Protector