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Pukerau Nursery’s philosophy with farm planting is to plant the right tree for its intended functional use, in a way that is pleasing to the eye and beneficial to the environment. Choosing the correct trees for your farm will result in excellent shelter for stock and an attractive place to work in. Trees are an integral part of farming sustainability. They protect your most important assets; soil, water and stock.

The benefits of rural shelter planting are extensive and include:

  • Shelter for stock and increased lambing survival rates
  • Increased grass growth and crop yield
  • Shade for stock
  • Reduced risk of soil erosion due to the reduced wind speed
  • Source of timber and firewood
  • Improved living and working conditions
  • Enhanced natural landscape
  • Increased plant biodiversity

The main benefit of farm shelter is to provide protection for your stock in the form of shelterbelts. Permeable shelterbelts will reduce the wind speed, out into the paddock, for 10 - 15 times the height of the shelterbelt.

As well as shelter for stock, there are regional requirements for farmers to manage effluent and fertiliser runoff and improve water quality. Environment Southland, for example, requires stock to be at least 3 metres from the edge of any water over the winter months. Planting within these fenced off riparian areas is a way to create shelter as well as a filter that traps runoff and prevents soil erosion of stream banks.


To ensure that you get the maximum benefit from your shelterbelt and farm planting it should be designed specifically for your location and weather conditions. Plant choice is critical to the long term success and sustainability of the shelterbelt. Each shelterbelt in each paddock requires careful thought and planning to ensure all site specific factors are considered.

Well designed, planted and appropriately maintained shelter will avoid the creation of stock camps, fertility transfer and subsequent barley grass problems. Good design will also avoid branches dropping onto paddocks and costly removal of trees – maintenance is the focus. Good design will increase grass growth.

Pukerau Nursery specialises in the growing of cold-hardy, local trees specifically grown for use on Southland and Otago farms.

Pukerau Nursery’s Farm Shelter Services include:

  • On-site consultations including an assessment of the shelter requirements, soil types and climatic conditions.
  • Scaled farm shelter plans from which it is easy to calculate the fencing materials and number of trees required.
  • Supply of farm shelter trees and shrubs suitable for your area
  • Supply of Combo Tree Protectors, animal repellent and slow-release fertiliser
  • Advice on planting and suggestions for planting contractors.

This also includes the design and planting of any wildlife habitats and areas set aside for ecological restoration on your property, as well as low maintenance planting around the dairy shed and other farm buildings providing a pleasant environment to work in.

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