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Pukerau Nursery stocks a huge selection of native plants in revegetation grades.  Our cold-hardy, stocky plants are the ideal size for successful establishment in a range of challenging conditions. The nursery has developed a revegetation system that produces a strong plant with a good root-shoot ratio that is low cost and plants out well. Recycled trays are used within this process to reduce plastic waste so the process is environmentally sustainable. Pukerau Nursery has developed the Combo Tree Protector for revegetation and shelter projects which is designed to protect against rabbits and hares and for easy spray maintenance. Farmers who are using these protectors have been impressed with the high plant survival rates.

Pukerau Nursery specialises in planning and growing for revegetation projects and has had much success in this field by utilising extensive local plant knowledge and commitment to the principles of ecological sourcing (eco-sourcing) and using plants that would naturally grow in particular areas.

To successfully revegetate an area takes careful planning, effort and time. With the right planning and the careful selection of plants, successful planting will restore a natural habitat and provide a suitable environment for native birds and other wildlife.

Revegetation Projects

  • Pukerau Nursery supplied over 150,000 plants for Solid Energy's, Kaitangata and Ohai Coal Mines
  • Large-scale supply of plants for Queenstown development projects such as Walter Peak and Threepwood

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