V150 - side slit container, volume 150cc

V310 - container, volume 310cc

35F - side slit container, volume 285cc

PB3 - planter bag, volume 1.5L

PB5 - planter bag, volume 2.5L

PB6.5 - planter bag, volume 3.9L

PB8 - planter bag, volume 4.5L

PB28 - planter bag, volume 16L

PB40 - planter bag, volume 26L

1L - one litre pot

2L - two litre pot

5L - five litre pot

35L - 35L litre easi-lift bag

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Welcome to our online shop.  You can browse the vast variety of native plants, trees and shrubs that are grown here, at Pukerau Nursery.  Simply browse items in the shop using the Category and Attribute links in the sidebar, or use Search to find plants by name. The search tool also lets you find plants with specific combinations of category and attributes.

FREGHT charges keep increasing, for 5 years we have absorbed the increases but unfortunately from April 1st 2022 our courier prices will increase.

New crops are growing and will be available later in the year.  Alternativly for Autumn or next spring planting, email us a wish-list and we will be able to say what will be available

We often have crops which are specialised, or are only in small numbers, which are not included in the website.  Please email us if you cannot see what you are looking for.  We may have them or know where you can get them.

There is a Glossary that explains some of the terms used in the shop – click the tab to expand the Glossary.

The Freight and Plant Grade Information page has some information to help you get the best value for money from your freight cost.

The minimum purchase for the online shop is $30 + GST.

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When you use the Add to Cart button the item is placed in the "Mini Cart" at the top left of the screen. Click on the Mini Cart at any time to see the items in the cart, or when you are ready to go to the Checkout. Enter your contact and shipping details and then submit your order to us. We'll be in touch with the shipping cost and payment options.

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