Native Plant Nursery | Pukerau Nursery


Pukerau Nursery is recognised as one of the principal growers of native plants for shelter, revegetation and landscaping in the lower South Island. The nursery has specialised in growing native plants for over 30 years, thus acquiring an extensive knowledge of “the right plant for the right place”.

As a nursery we pride ourselves on growing top quality native plants that are competitively priced. The majority of our stock is grown from seed collected from throughout Southland and Otago ensuring that plants are cold-hardy and have the best opportunity to grow successfully in your area.


Pukerau Nursery grows a wide range of stock including:

  • Farm shelter, amenity trees and cold-hardy natives
  • Eco-sourced plants for your area
  • Riparian and wetland plants
  • Ornamental grasses and tussocks
  • Small-grade plants for revegetation projects
  • Large-grade trees available year-round
  • Threatened species that increase biodiversity
  • We also bring in shelter such as Poplars and Leyland Cypress.  Numbers are limited and you should start measuring up and ordering now for 2021 winter planting.
  • Farm shelter plans, including riparian planting
  • Residential, rural and commercial gardens
  • Environmental consents
  • Large-scale revegetation projects

Pukerau Nursery is able to contract-grow for large projects at competitive rates.

We also stock a range of products that improve tree establishment such as Combo Tree Protectors, animal repellent and slow-release fertiliser.