Eco-Sourcing | Sustainable Planting

Pukerau Nursery practises an eco-sourcing policy wherever possible. Eco-sourcing is the process of locating native plant seeds for the purpose of growing and reintroducing plants back to their local natural environment. Pukerau Nursery collects seed from throughout Southland and Otago, from coastal, intermediate, to inland climatic areas. Each seed batch that is collected has its location recorded so that the source of any plant at the nursery is known. This ensures that the nursery can supply plants to you that are appropriate to your area. We are able to collect seed from your farm or specific area and contract grow to meet your requirements.

There are key benefits for eco-sourcing:

  • Plants have a high survival rate as they are suited to the local conditions
  • Preserving the natural vegetation in local areas
  • Maintaining natural plant distribution and biodiversity

The nursery has a special interest in threatened plants within Southland and Otago and has worked closely with DOC over the years to grow species needed for their restoration projects. Through eco-sourcing, the nursery has had great success in propagating a range of threatened species and introducing them into suitable habitats on farms as part of riparian planting. James and Maree continue to provide eco-sourced plants and continue the production of threatened species.

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